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Letter Sound Accuracy, Egg Carton Game

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Activity Type: Build Accuracy
Activity Form: Game
Grade: K
Group Size: Small Group
Length: 10 minutes

  • An egg carton
  • Round letter stickers (or a marker)
  • A counter
Goal: Given printed letters, the student can identify them and say the sound of each ( a -> /a/ )
Items: All letter sounds learned so far

What to do

  1. Put a letter sticker (or write a letter) in the bottom of each egg cup in the carton. The letters should be a mix of all letters learned so far. Then put a counter (or a dime) in the carton and close it. (Note that you can also play this game with letter combinations or irregular words, or a mix of all of these.)
  2. Would you like to play the egg carton game? Here's how we play. I shake the carton and then open the lid and say the sound of the letter that the counter landed on. My turn first.
  3. Open the lid, look underneath the counter, pause, say the sound, and hold the carton up so students can see the letter. You get one point for each correct sound. First player to earn 10 points wins. So that's one point to me.
  4. Now I close the lid again and pass it to my neighbor. Pass the carton to the student on your left. Make sure that, when they say the letter sound, they show the letter to the other students.
  5. If they are correct say: Well done. One point to you. Remember your score. Okay, now pass the carton to your neighbor.
  6. If they are incorrect or don't know the sound, say: Can anyone help? What's the sound? Have the student repeat the sound and then pass the carton to his or her neighbor. If a student has trouble with multiple letters, make a note in an Activity Log.
  7. Continue playing and keeping score. You can either pass when it is your turn or keep playing. Try to get some letters wrong and ask the students for help.


Photos of the egg carton game.

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